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The association maendeleo e.V. was founded in October 2011 in Kassel. In the Centre for Health and Education the members, together with partners and political persons responsible, set their sight on improving the living and health conditions of the people living in poverty in western region of Kenya. Also they want to improve the education of children and adults with varied contributions.

The association maendeleo sees its main function in imparting knowledge about the usage of native and traditional healing plants to the people plus improving the health conditions through treatment and spreading herbal medicine.

1. President: qualified educationalist Konstanze Vollmer

1 vorsitzende maendeleo konstanze vollmer

„By learning about the wunderful plant Artemisia annua and its successes in fighting malaria, I took the decision to address tropical healing plants in depth. The advanced training in alternative medicine in the tropes at Anamed International intensified my intention to build up a health centre including healing plant and herb gardens together with my Kenyan friends in Turkana in Kenya.

In Burundi, under plainest conditions, I learned about the conventional medical care in African everyday life. I witnessed growing successes in healing people infected with malaria or other diseases.

To implement our projects best possible, especially the establishment of the maendeleo - Centre for Health and Education in Lodwar, we rely on donations. I herewith thank everyone who helps us to reach our goals and thereby to gives the people in Turkana new possibilities to live a life in health and learning.“

2nd President: Fiona Pinkawa

maendeleo fiona pinkawa

„I am an economic historian and anglicist and support the maendeleo e.V. both as board member and as translator for the texts concerning our projects to the official Kenyan language English.

That way I gain a deeper insight to the country Kenya and the culture of its habitants, which is a matter that interests me a lot. I like to commit myself because I know that therewith I can help."

Sabrina Rahimi

Sabrina Rahimi Maendeleo-Kenya
„I support maendeleo for different reasons. Our world closes ranks, especially through the internet. In the course of this it should be natural that we accept the responsibilty for destitute children. As a mother of four I gladly commit myself to give the children in Turkana a better future perspective.“

Prof. David Kikaya, Deputi Chairman maendeleo - Kenya

Prof. David Kikaya, Deputi Chairman Maendeleo-Kenya

„As professor for international relations in Kenya the independence of the people, the support of families and a democratical cohabitation in my country is of importance to me. Our association maendeleo contributes to the people in Turkana having a better nutrition and clean water. These two are the foundation for a collaborative organisation of the future. Therefore I gladly support maendeleo.“

Qualified agrarian economist Moses Tenai, Coordinator & Teacher, maendeleo - Kenya

Dipl. Agrarwirt Moses Tenai, Koordinator und Lehrkraft, Maendeleo-Kenya
„I organise the workshops of our maendeleo - Nutrition and Water Sanitation Programme in schools in Turkana. As a qualified agrarian economist I support an improvement of sustainably managed agriculture in my home country. I hope that soon clean water will be at disposal for the people in Turkana.“

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