Lodwar - Centre for Health and Education

The maendeleo - Centre for Health and Education in Lodwar

In the country seat Lodwar in the northwest of Kenya the maendeleo – Centre for Health and Educationis in the making, including its own garden for healing plants and herbary.

Therefor are planned:

  • Health centre including library and gathering place for visitors
  • Biological growing of tropical healing plants and herbs in the owned garden
  • Usage of regional farming tools
  • Processing and usage of the healing plants and herbs
  • Allocation and sale of selfmade herbal medicine and tea

The maendeleo - Centre for Health and Education in LodwarOne of the key aspects of the maendeleo - Centre for Health is the work with adults, adolescents and children, whom we impart our knowledge about traditional and native plants and herbs, always with the objective of promoting and using already existing knowledge and interests about these plants in the proximity.

The employees of maendeleo give a hand to garden landscaping and usage of the medical plant garden. Spoken to, encouraged and instructed are especially young people for the subjects Nourishment and Health, both in theory and practice. The experienced inhabitants and supporters of the maendeleo - Centre for Health are invited to share their traditional knowledge and thereby have some influence on the work.

In the maendeleo-processing room effective teas, salves, tinctures and juices are made from the dried healing plants, all harvested in the gardens. They find a use on diseases, wounds, eczemas and burns.
With help of plant remains, e.g. seeds, leaves and husks, in the maendeleo-Lab is shown how natural medicine can be made.

In the maendeleo – Centre for Health visitors obtain information, advice and if applicable care about their health affairs by a professional.

Growing of the maendeleo - medical plant garden

maendeleo artemisia kambikila1

While growing the plants and herbs in the maendeleo-gardens attention is paid on mixed grop, that not only helps the health care but also the food supply. Furthermore this combination of different healing and crop plants ensure a better growth of all raised plants.

In the maendeleo - Centre for Health the treatment of malaria and HIV/AIDS with herbal medicine will be a priority. Therefore the large-area growing of the plant Artemisia annua and the tree Moringa oleifera is sheduled.

Artemisia annua has at least ten agents against malaria and is therefore a multi-preparation. In combination with Moringa oleifera leaf powder the therapeutic effect on people affected with HIV/AIDS is going ahead.

The principle of maendeleo is: If a affected person can't afford the care he or she obligates to help in the gardens after the recovery.

The traditional knowledge of the curative power of the plants is a precious gain. On the long term the sale of healing plants and their processing to medicine will be a possible basic income for the maendeleo - Centre for Health.

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