Promotion of education 2020

Maendeleo e.V. supports these young, talented people so they can get good training opportunities for better chances on the job market.

Harvest with Artemisia annua 2019

Successful harvest with Artemisia annua 2019.
Our donation is for People of Turkana who are affected by malaria.

Refurbishment Chr.Savati School Kitale / Kenya 2018

The children get 3 new classrooms, 4 latrines and water connection.

At the Victoria lake

The land of Rosalia gets planted with 900 Moringa and Grevillea trees.
Our association herewith supports her with a new source of income.
Best of luck!

Work is done

Work is done.
A busy but beautiful day is over, everyboday is happy and tired.

Exhibition on event of the Emmaus-community

Exhibition on the annually event of the Emmaus-community in Kassel.

On the way to Katogun

On the way to Katogun. This area is in the north of Turkana.

Food distribution for Turkana children of nomads.
More than 250 children from the area receive a warm meal here every day.

Visit of the newly layed out garden at the Turkana

Visit of the newly layed out garden at the Turkana.
We plant several Moringa trees here.
In the following year we will lay out a garden for healing plants.

Visiting a school in western Pokot land

Visiting a school in western Pokot land.
The pupils observe our education on Moringa trees attentively.
The class 6 collectively goes to the field with us to plant Moringa


The Turkanafestival took place in Lodwar on 28. - 30. August 2014. Approximately 5,000 visitors from near and far came to the festival. This was a good opportunity for us, the maendeleo- association, to introduce our maendeleo programme „Nutrition and Water Sanitation" and different Moringa products and plants to the visitors.

Visiting schools

The first workshops and planting of Moringatrees in one of the schools in Lodwar.

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